April 20

note: unedited, eg there is incorrect spelling/grammar etc.

What the heck happens in the future?

Writing examples
The Dispossessed, LeGuin
Foundation Trilogy, asimov
accelerando, Strauss
Transmetropolitan, future is still hard to truly imagine
space is the place, sun RA

Black libeation frameworks, for this to bet rue a lot of other thingsawouldhave to be dismantled diest

What can afrifuturism give us?

Settle a new planet? Hints of colonialism
…eg settlers from earth can just take over?
But when this is an escape from whiteness, whatsthe other reading?

Ex of a Star Trek next gen show about indigenous earth ppl going to a different planet, federation vs Romulus. (Eg who do we like?)

Outer space and Antarctica are the two places with non militarization treaties,

Ex firefly – (tv show) space mashup w westerns
Bunch of planets get terra formed into resources, education, capitalism then there’s tthe frontier planets with layers but less technology…

Just because geospatiality changes, why not this issues that plague (colonialism, violence)

we’re off earth, why doesn’t this solve our problems

But damning human nature does this help us? Combo of culture and animal selves
Back to idea of changeover generation
Eg Hebrew was created to give Israelites a language of their own, so what is it to be a native member of a culture

fifth sacred thing
So what was the transition like?

Ex tv show Serenity, agent whose job is to bring into existence anew and better world that does not es him as an assassin

Wait so if we’re here now how dose talk about a long term future that has no place for us
Eg cycles of perpetual of violence. We’re all tied up in it. Eg

Anti. Oppression work is an act of self annihilation, if you’re coming from a place of privilege
So…is there an urge to die
But where is tie together of our combined struggles

Ex looking backward, bellamy

Is generational change a site of hope?
Alexis Pauline Gumbs, story in Octavia’s brood
generation 5 – it’ll take five generations to truly eradicate the residual trauma of childhood sexual assault
Queer youth of today – is there an evident change just via

What is the world we want to create, what are actual things we want to see
(tragically these notes got lost)

LARP plans
– practice interrupting cycles of violence
– is it smart youse a staged issue vs a real one (is there trustabdaccountability)
– is it possible to act in a way that prefigures our

– infrastructure
– autonomous communication, resources …..mapping and marking
– the how is where politics and prefiguration come in
– deslingwith conflict resolution, accessibility, mobility

– mapping and leaving the map behind

– Nordic LARPing: political LARPing
Ex three day larp of NYC i the early days of aids. Practice experiential.
– organizers have more info so whole group can learn enough to participate in a Mae ing full way

– ex murder mystery

– do we want to have more informed setter uppers
– facilitating conversation

– our goal is to focuses on the rough transition period
Ex the handmaids tale


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