5/17: LARP planning


  • practice anti-oppression + survival skills
  • create a map
  • dont forget to eat/water/care for selves-others
  • debrief

LARP plans [from meetings]

  • – practice interrupting cycles of violence
  • – is it smart to use a staged issue vs a real one (is there trustabdaccountability)
  • – is it possible to act in a way that prefigures our infrastructure
  • – autonomous communication, resources …..mapping and marking
  • – the how is where politics and prefiguration come in
  • – dealing with conflict resolution, accessibility, mobility
  • – mapping and leaving the map behind

Political Possibilities

  • – Autonomy
  • – Security/Defense: physical and emotional
  • – Exceptionalism
  • – Resistance to structures of control
  • – Survival
  • – division of labor, roles
  • – Breakdown [of one world] + Emergence [of another world]
  • – Collecting knowledge and skills: to survive, and for the world after survival
  • – Lots of talking about Sandy


  • – Facilitation techniques: how to work together –> communicate w/o a higher authority
  • – a city is enough ppl working together to get things done
  • – SEnse of autonomy [not to lean on authority]
  • – Plan for long-term w/i a not-positive scenario
  • – Working together


  • – gasoline goes first
  • – food goes next
  • – scalability [of cooperation]
  • – interpersonal drama
  • – who’s responsible for whom if we want to think collectively?
  • – immediate moments of events vs. long-term timelines
  • – hyper local connections –> queer communities are “on top of” other communities

what is the opposite of the militarization of strategy?

what is the opposite of the white man savior? -> is it native cultures/ideas of tending the land, redeveloping the fertility of the soil, our continuity and its is the same – tipping it back towards sustainability

the q of manageable units – 40k people can get blocked by a line of police in a way that a small group cannot – a manageable until becomes tactical

also, like, fruit tree + edible plant tree mapping; where is the water spigot – but then what do we do with that knowledge + how we are creating it

meeting notes

* LARP * 
Action Plan
– format – location
– skills/tactics/theories
– who facilitates/roles
– what do we give participants
Prepare to share
– site/fb/email blurb
– lots of invites
* Ariel: three 2 hours sessions through the day
* 3 days after the crisis
* 3 weeks after the 
* 3 years after
Smaller groups coming together
* Same crisis all three times?
Still figuring that out.
AS what do we want to lift 
DL shall we make a list of 6-8 crises, with dossiers, and lists of tools. We could have people working on water shortage and cells are down, others working justice skills
People self identify which tools they want to break into?
DL that would require more facilitation
KL what if it was two scenarios, and each group choses one crisis and works through the 3 sections together
DL probably want to break into at least two groups
DL ok, what crises have we talked about?
* gasoline
* food
* scalability
* interpersonal conflict
* mapping
* tracking resources
* practice interrupting cycles of violence
* emotional survival
* tracking resources
* conflict resolution
* asyncronous communication
* distribution of resources
SO what if we described places by how our bodies moved in it
DRLL zapatistas actively do not map the space in which they operate, bc they want it to be opaque, they want the knowledge of that space to be the knowledge that people have by moving through it
DL there’s the problem of findability, vs conscious invisibility
KL how do you bring someone into that?
SO there’s not just transmission of knowledge, but the transmission of that knowledge carrying on, how does that knowledge get carried?
RK if we give them information for the initial time period, take some of that info away after each time period
KL facilitation between the time periods, we can add some complications
DL what if everyone is working on the same metaproblem? what other problems will be happening in this crisis
KL it also makes sensse that we would all be working on the same set of related crises
AS at what point do we deploy those problems to be solved
KL the gas shortage, that’s pretty immediate, food and water shortages come later if gas/electricity don’t get resolved
DRLL also water
3 types of crisis
human violence
DRLL something like Sandy but more so will probably happen here, fracking induced earthquake upstate breaks electric grid
DRLL if we want it to be able to cascade we might have to add something
KL how large a scale imact will we need? that wouldn’t affect the whole country or world. Do we want a crisis where there isn’t a normal anywhere anymore? 
AS does that mean national guard rolls in?
KL when it’s a small scale crises, the goal is to return to the normal that remains in the rest of the world
DRLL I wonder if that is interesting if we can get back to previous or whether that can even happen
SO even if there’s the pressure or momentum to get back, is there a way to do so in this hyper local context, the normal is disrupted
DL the first is just basic needs, in the second section, we could ask whether we want to get back
RK a quake woudn’t need to be in NY state to fuck NYC, a fracking earthquake in pennsylvania
RK if there were a big enough earthquake, with tsunami that destroys east coast?
DRLL the bridges don’t have to be destroyed for the authorities to decide they are only accessible to military
DRLL a pennsylvania quake powerful enough to make the 
DRLL bridges shut down, electricity down, how do you communicate off the archipelago?
DL people moving themselves around? no subways running, no cars. how are people moving around?
KL 3 days folks will still have charges
large earthquake that cuts off power, destabalizes eastern seaboard
TODO: Roo will design the earthquake
TODO: prepare dossier, to be sent on May 28th (3 days before)
DL what if we make some of this their work? please come with one problem, fact or faux fact that you think is relevant? Bring 3 rumours?
RK do we want to tell them the truth of what happened?
KL we could have different messages that go out? For example, I wouldn’t know the bridges are out, because I don’t go into manhattan? different people know different part
DL we can ask people how they might have gotten the information about the meeting, and how they got their bodies to that space
SO are we also asking people to bring the things they would have on their person? 
DL what do we give participants? what do we tell them to bring? 
SO do I bring a flashlight, batteries?
AS i think it would be nice to bring at least some snacks
DRLL we could just say, bring your jump bag
SO it might be interesting to share what our bags are, community resources, correct me if I’m imagining resources. we’re all in this together with our knowledges, resources, and tools.
AS knowing the thoroughness about this room, we need to talk about what we’re not going to talk about
DRLL we’re mostly depending on our houses for 3 days, 3 weeks it’s a different question, 
DL it would be helpful to have the info “this is the first community meeting 3 days after this”
3 days out
what are the issues we want to present?
* what happened?
** communication 
* pressing needs assessment
** if there are folks in houses that have no water, or folks in imminent 
AS I like the idea of assigning needs
we’re telling people
* what their needs are
* a couple different versions of the circumstances
* everyone knows the power is out
* some people know other parts of it
RK do we assign needs beforehand?
when they come in, we give them their needs, then what?
for the purpose of keeping the day moving, we’re going to let A and B be true
we acknowledge that it may not be so simple
we make a couple agreements that are not for debate
we have to do an intro of the game infrastructure
we are going to give you information and it’s correct
SO is there any thought that people might join in later?
DL it might be useful for paper in the morning, paper in the second, paper in the third
communication plan
KL figuring out communication plan for meeting again
DRLL if we’re going by the Sandy example, some buildings won’t have water on all floors without electricity
KL anything over 6 stories won’t get water without electric pumps
3 days groups
* communications team
** communication plan that we can use that doesn’t rely on power
* resource team
KL If you hit a roadblock, bring that back to the group at the report back
RK do we play?
DL we can play, and we can be the fall people for the problem solving
scenario for 3 weeks,
DRLL and DL had a fight
how much is that scripted?
DRLL we’d script what happened and how stubborn we are about specific parts
KL aslo by later there’s probably resource sharing, resource theft might be a thing, taking more than their share
DL I’m seeing us giving people examples or specifics that we’ve seen used, the answers are already out there
things that have happened in those 3 weeks
electric infrastructure isn’t fixalbe anytime soon
it’s become unclear what the status of the state structures are
there’s a large military presence that w
some extremely messy combination of a bad evacuation plan that has failed, a lot of half assed food and water distribution that sucks
very classed evacuation plan, some populations are gone
some folks who were able to drive to the airports on long island, or pay people to ferry them out to mainland
we don’t know what the situation is in the mainland
city infrastructure are not running: trash is piling up
abandoned companion animals
currency stops being a thing that has much meaning: no atms, banks have probably locked it away, currency in circulation was what was in hand
within a week to 10 days, that’s not what’s happening, we’re in some barter/gift economy with all the extortionate or benevolent versions of that
KL a way of racist state violence can be response to “looting”, people would be gathering resources from closed businesses
DRLL I like that because it has both people socializing their own resources and dealing with abandoned resources
DRLL when we say state violence, what do we mean? A lot of the NYPD would leave
DL what NYPD is left may be enacting state based violence, but the ones left might be less
DRLL if the military is who is trying to regain and enforce control, how are they doing that? Are they trying to keep Manhattan and fuck brooklyn and queens? 
AS I don’t think it’s about regaining control, I think National guard has shown up, has MRE’s, there’s a hard curfew. I think it’s taking it over. Thinking about New Orleans, Baltimore, Ferguson.
KL I think at 3 weeks we will have vigilante justice against “looters”
DL that would give us a way to respond with transformative justice
DRLL we know this town does a real good job for a week or so
AS people who are physically vulnerable, people will die
KL there will also have been deaths
RK I don’t know that I want us to talk about deaths, too much of a downer
DRLL we haven’t heard from anyone outside of brooklyn
DL I do want people to have wins, some things will work
DRLL I feel like in this scenario, the state is more like the weather. Are we all in violation of an evacuation order? It doesn’t serve us to go into that grain with it.
KL I’m hearing one extra-community violence, one internal. some scripted beef that has to be resolved. for the external we have something that is either rumours or you saw something
DL are there representatives that get sent to talk to another community
SO how are we weaving in the scifi knowledge? are we doing that in an expressed way?
DL shall we break into pairs for the bits and bring in the books and ideas we will be working with, put that onto the website
RK vigilante justice targeting people they perceive as looters/looted
KL what’s happening to people?
KL hand to hand combat, stuff stolen
DL we need to figure out exact details of what occcurred
DRLL is this happening in specific places?
RK if I would travel through this place but not this place
RK I can say I saw this happening, I ran, I want a better response
RK if no one can think of anything, we can talk about shared knowledge of self defense tactics
DL treaties? peace making? in 3 years, certain accords have remained peaceful
DL if we’ve lasted 3 years, we’ve figured out some things
DRLL at 3 weeks it’s no longer about maintaining normalcy
KL what gets you to 3 years? the canned food won’t
DRLL or the one untouchable social group is the people maintaining the acqueduct
first scenario
given vigilante justice what is our community response going to be, and how are we going to stop this
second scenario
Is it something where we have to think fast and problematize something that comes up in section one?
DRLL I like having it cascade out
DL I think housing is real, housing was under conditions? 
DL conflict with material solutions? what counts as work re ablism?
DRLL what decisions about resources and use of resources are being made on a community level and what are not? If I want to make fruit wine, that’s use of fruit and fuel and drug production.
AS I like that, because people will 
DRLL that came up during arguments during the RMO tour about alcohol use and transportation
KL that can also be valuable for barter?
SO would we rather not be giving goods to others
DL do we want to institute payment
DRLL also brings up what’s individual decsions, the difference between collective resources and collective decisions
KL what I would suggest is that it isn’t all rotting yet, it could be canned or dried or made into other things
AS we’re going to be having to make rules as we go, folks can ask questions, we can decide whether we answer that question
Scenario two
DRLL wants to take apples and make fruit wine, and distill some of it for brandy, DL says that’s not a good use of resources, solve this conflict
people hadn’t heard from off the island
still not electricity
a bad evacuation plan that didn’t fully work
there are bad and incomplete infrastructure for food and water (think bags of rice thrown off of trucks)
vigilante justice is forming
people are gathering resources from closed or abandoned businesses
if we do a split and there’s a group that’s just facilitators, we just fold it and join the other group
3 years
there are some intracommunity accords
infrastructure has broken down some
some water is not available, some available not potable
how do we keep living?
where do the resources and conflict resolution come together
where is food coming from?
at 3 years we’re talking about some level of communication network, it might be folks walking, it might be telegraph
AS how much of the infrastructe has collapsed?
KL we were already on the brink, the earthquake pushed us over, we never recovered, there have been other storms, political issues, we are our own little bubble
DL I want actionable items, but I do want people to think about the elements of the world that we want
DRLL I like what you were saying earlier about patchwork of structures as opposed to reintegrated structures. now that’s we’ve got some sort of communication or transportation between eastern long island
RK earthquakes would bend the rails, those wouldn’t be usable
DL we would come back together, but maybe we’re not still a family
DRLL a meeting of delegates?
DL certain things have been locked down, we have good enough food and shelter, or else we wouldn’t be there, now healing justice is very important
DL are there working groups about various modalities of health?
DL I’m curious about the psychological
AS I’m curious in a game play way? how do we get this on our feet?
RK this can be a celebration? 3 years is a big deal
DL what if the 3 year is the debrief
DRLL a go around of everyone tells a story from the last 3 years, that gets to be a celebratory thing, hopefully raises up the emotional survival part?
DL everyone do a movement and sound? 
DRLL something that uses the communication system?
SO would there be a tangible thing that people could come away with? people draw the new world? where are resources being allocated and shared, how are our boides and allocations moving within the space
AS some sort of community drawing
SO bodies moving?
DRLL first transatlantic clipper ship has turned up in the harbor?
SO I love a trace of something?
AS is this where we have mesh networks?
AS what do you think is a fair amount of walking? 
RK what if there’s an ultimatum that some of us want to leave?
DL how do we want to integrate, leaving a trace, movement?
AS how many people do we need?
We need people to register, the first 20 get it.
20 slots in addition to the 6 of us
we don’t have to make it first in, some curation.
there’s google docs
TODO: make registration form to google doc – AS
TODO: conference call info – RK
TODO: we need a blurb to email people – DL
found fruit tree map
TODO: compile reading list to put on website
TODO: prepare communty agreements
TODO: prepare murder mystery specifications
TODO: spreadsheet for phone tree
3 days
3 weeks
3 years



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