Sunday August 9, 2015, 11am – 7pm
Brower Park, Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY

Apply Here:

Basic Situation

Three days ago, there was a large earthquake that cuts off power, destabilizing the eastern seaboard. We arrive at a community action meeting the morning of the event.

Basic Timeline
11am: meet up
11.30-1:30: orientation to situation and & tasks 3 days from crisis
1.30-2.00: break
2.00-4.00: orientation to situation and & tasks 3 weeks from crisis
4.00-4.30: break
4.30-6:00: orientation to situation and & tasks 3 years from crisis
6:00-7:00: debrief & afterparty

Community Agreements
– We believe that science/visionary fiction offers answers, and we look to it for solutions whenever possible
– No one/no body is disposable, no one get kicked out
– No one knows everything but together we know alot
– We intend to take care of each other and ourselves
– Work at a yellow
– We acknowledge inherent power differentials among us and strive to level them
– Perfection is the oppressor
– Move up / move back

To register, please click here.


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